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Vega+ Shipping Dates

  • End of September 2016
  • October 2016
  • In time for Xmas 2016
  • February 2017
  • A "few weeks" from March 10th 2017
  • Summer 2017
  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
  • Mid October 2017
  • April 2018
  • May 8th - 12th 2018
  • May 12th 2018
  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
  • June 15th 2018
  • July 6th 2018

World of Spectrum

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Lee Fogarty has a chat with Gary Liddon

Ex-Crash magazine journalist Gary Liddon tried to match up reference numbers to a press release and Lee Fogarty contacted him on Facebook messenger. Lee's mouth was in full overdrive as he proceeded to talk a load of absolute nonsense to Gary, who was having none of Lee's lies.

Six hours after this conversation took place, Gary Liddon (gazaxian) was banned from the World of Spectrum forums. Another member asked if that was because of Gary's strong views on the Vega+. Lee Fogarty replied "No. It's a private matter and not up for discussion."

Here's a full transcript of the conversation between Lee Fogarty (talking in grey) and Gary Liddon (talking in blue).

Hi Gary, You seem to be approaching the Vega stuff from both sides? I have spoken to RCL and they may be able to provide court docs - however - my suggestion of applying to the court and getting them directly would be better. We also won't be giving any crime reference numbers for obvious reasons!
Cheers. I'm looking at getting this from the court right now.
The stuff that's involved the police so far isn't that interesting to me, it just feels like noise from a messy partnership split that'll go away. Maybe wrong on this
Not quiet - there has been an ongoing investigation for some time into the abuse & threats, plus the twitter accounts - zxkingpin is Paul Andrews. The fact twitter are now also on the case shows it's too far down the line to just go away
I'm not sure what was in the liquidation report. I know the court awarded the amount he admitted to plus costs. He owes more but not sure if that's been dealt with yet
It's also worth noting when you get the docs, he agreed to pay those amounts
When I say 'will go away' I mean it's not really relevant to the Vega being shipped or not shipped
The court judgement should make things clear I guese. As I say the amount on the press release as having come from the liquidator report and the liquidator's report doesn't match.
It could just be a mistake and mean the 68k that cornerstone do owe plus the costs awarded and the pre-payment for the potential of future costs.
That all said the view I'd take here is they do win the money likely isn't recoverable
and will mean less money for the Vega
Weird - Suzanne just said he owes more costs not listed in the report lol
or royalties for existing authors
or payments to GOSH
The Vega+ is fine. And it's going into shops in summer too
If you're interested the official liquidator report is available freely online at companies house
there will likely be little left from the backers money, but shop sales are huge
The developers complaining were the only ones to be paid by Andrews which is strange. There also seems to be differing contracts between them and the others
Not now - all contracts have been redone because Andrews didn't hand them over so was a good decision anyway because some people claimed games that weren't theirs to claim
GOSH know the situation and are happy with RCL.
I think you'd appreciate that given you're not an employee and there's been a number of announcements from RCL that have proven to be inaccurate anyone would treat all that with a pinch of salt
You might want to get GOSH to say that publically
That'd be really helpful wouldn't it?
it's clear there's more money to pay beyond the initial 20k, what are they happy with here?
Actually that's not worth answering. They have a fund of £230m and raised £90m last year. Even if money is owed it's not going to be a priority for them
With the production, Andrews has already said SMS weren't paid. I do know he contacted SMS asking them to bankrupt RCL because they told me at the launch party. Given the amount owed, and that they have announced some time ago they are producing Vega+, it's reasonable to assume the debt was paid. My guess is more was put onto account to cover making Vega+ because no business would give credit given the circumstances!
Honestly Lee, I can make up my own guesses and assumption.
I know lol - was just speaking out loud
Again tho, SMS have around £2.3m creditors. I'm sure the money owed was sizeable for retro but likely not a massive deal to SMS.
Kind of worrying if they were paid though. Given the money spent on court costs (as detailed in the costs claims in the RCL release) and the emails where everyone agrees money is super tight it'd be fair to wonder if the money from the Vega+ campaign was used to settle that debt
Sales of the Vega didn't stop
the royalties and charity contributions did
Hey Lee you might want to stop there. I think it's fair of me to assume this will get copy and pasted elsewhere.
And to be fair you'd be right to assume the same.
But thanks for the chat.
I have never pasted anyones conversations anywhere

Latest Funky Spectrum RCL Videos

Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

Vega+ Status

  • All refunds processed:
  • Roll of honour email:
  • Address confirmation:
  • Battery specification:
  • PEGI certification:
  • Final specs released:
  • Games list released:
  • Finished box design:
  • Manual released:
  • Working website:
  • Final devices made: 0
  • Small claims victories: 0
  • Prototypes made: ~100-200