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Vega+ Shipping Dates

  • End of September 2016
  • October 2016
  • In time for Xmas 2016
  • February 2017
  • A "few weeks" from March 10th 2017
  • Summer 2017
  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
  • Mid October 2017
  • April 2018
  • May 8th - 12th 2018
  • May 12th 2018
  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
  • June 15th 2018
  • July 6th 2018

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The Vega+ was meant to be a high quality ZX Spectrum handheld games console that was going to be shipped with 1000 games and released by Retro Computers Ltd at the end of 2016. Approximately 5,000 backers ordered a first production run console from crowdfunding site Indiegogo, raising more than £500,000.

After 2 of the original directors were forced out of the company by David Levy, Suzanne Martin and Janko Mrsic-Flogel were installed as directors. This new team emptied the bank account of the "ring-fenced" banker funds that was supposed to be for manufacturing the console in the UK.

A movie-length KickScammers video has been created by Daniel Ibbertson (aka DJ Slopes) containing a run-down of the majority of the Vega+ scam. Almost 300,000 people have now viewed the video! Please watch and spread this video!

With the demise of Retro Computers Ltd in 2019, the Vega+ console is officially dead. 

Media Coverage

The media have regularly reported on the Vega+ scandal, with many newspaper articles and even a mention on Ripoff Britain in a Crowdfunding Scams report.

Media Coverage

The media have covered the Vega+ scandal, with regular articles from reporter Gareth Corfield of The Register, along with stories featured on the BBC, Gizmodo, Eurogamer and many others.

Rob Morton discusses taking Retro Computers Ltd to small claims court for his Vega+ refund
Vega+ backer Rob Morton interviewed on Ripoff Britain

Rob Morton interviewed on Ripoff Britain on BBC1 discussing how he took David Levy/RCL to small claims court for his refund.Rob Morton interviewed on Ripoff Britain on BBC1 discussing how he took David Levy/RCL to small claims court for his refund. Rob's section begins at 7 minutes 48 seconds in the clip.


Somehow, the three directors of Retro Computers Ltd (David Levy, Suzanne Martin and Janko Mrsic-Flogel) appear to have gotten away with squandering the £500,000 of backers funds whilst ignoring refund requests and repeatedly lying to the retrogaming community and the media with false release dates:

  • RCL have been reported to the MET police multiple times. The police appear to have ignored all requests for an investigation, instead redirecting requests to Action Fraud.
  • Action Fraud in turn have ignored an investigation, with replies stating that backers should talk to the MET police instead.
  • An online petition on change.org was setup asking for an investigation into the theft of more than £500,000.
  • Several backers took the company to small claims court (and won).
  • The Solicitor's Regulation Authority investigated RCL lawfirms Michelmores and Teacher Stern in regards to their dealings with Retro Computers Ltd. After more than a year of delays, the SRA decided to do absolutely nothing.
  • The ZX Vega+ Refund Request Petition was setup to collect signatures for those wishing to register as a creditor. Almost 1,000 people signed up, requesting more than £100,000. It appears that everyone that signed up has been ignored.

In spite of these efforts, Retro Computers Ltd was put into liquidation in early 2019 by ex-director Janko Mrsic-Flogel, and to add insult to injury, Janko's own choice of liquidator was chosen.

This website aims to preserve the history of the Vega+ scandal so that this history will never be forgotten.


Now that Retro Computers Ltd are no more, we are in the process of reorganising the website. Many of the sections contain obsolete information or are completely out of date.

Latest Funky Spectrum RCL Videos

Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

Vega+ Status

  • All refunds processed:
  • Roll of honour email:
  • Address confirmation:
  • Battery specification:
  • PEGI certification:
  • Final specs released:
  • Games list released:
  • Finished box design:
  • Manual released:
  • Working website:
  • Final devices made: 0
  • Small claims victories: 0
  • Prototypes made: ~100-200