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Vega+ Shipping Dates

  • End of September 2016
  • October 2016
  • In time for Xmas 2016
  • February 2017
  • A "few weeks" from March 10th 2017
  • Summer 2017
  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
  • Mid October 2017
  • April 2018
  • May 8th - 12th 2018
  • May 12th 2018
  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
  • June 15th 2018
  • July 6th 2018

World of Spectrum

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Lee Fogarty has a chat with Codetapper

Codetapper was blocked from posting on the RCL facebook page in early February 2017, and contacted Lee Fogarty (talking in grey) to find out what he knew. Lee admitted that Nick Roper had been dead for 20 years, that police had 20,000 screenshots of abuse, and of course that he didn't work for RCL and only hosted the website. Eventually Codetapper (talking in blue) asked too many tough questions and Lee swung the ban hammer!

FEB 6TH, 7:52AM
Are you the social media person responsible for deleting my posts on the rcl facebook page for daring to ask questions?
You are now connected on Messenger.
They accepted your request.
No. All I do is host the website
FEB 6TH, 9:43AM
So who banned me? Suzanne?
I have no idea - apart from being a backer myself, my company just hosts the website. Nothing else is anything to do with me
So when do you think the vega+ is coming out as a backer? Certainly not feb
You should surely be asking for a refund ypurself given what has (not) happened
I've been on the receiving end of Paul Andrews campaign - I have total trust in RCL based on what I know of him, cooper, humphries, cropper, etc
So when do you thick? Feb?
I think if it is, it will be backers only and at the end of feb
Given every other deadline has been missed do you know something the rest of us don't? Why is there total solence regarding release date?
I know about some of the stuff Andrews has done to sabotage the project. Such as waiting until the launch party to email all of the devs - using a mailing list he shouldn't have kept - demanding they remove their games.
A mailing list he only got because I agreed for a member of the WoS admin to help the original vega
But why are rcl incapable of giving a real update? Machines are manufactuted but software needs update. Or box not designed. Or book not completed. Or wrong box ordered etc. Just seems like stalling as an observer with friends that have invested
I also know he will try to stop it being released claiming ownership of the emulator - that will fail because I also know who wrote it
Why don't rcl publish this as an update then?
Instead of plugging a usb keyboard into a socket
Because everyone involved in whatever way - including backers - have been abused, threatened, had legal letter, etc. Who wants that?
Surely nothing to worry about if rcl are telling the truth
Only a problem if they have been lying
I saw the update on Saturday as more of a teaser - maybe more coming? dunno.
No - they will be keeping quiet because of court cases - and rightly so. The abuse on indiegogo and twitter will all go against Andrews - especially as Duncan/George/Jamie has clearly been told what to say
I've told my mate to apply for a refund now as it seems doomed based on the comments section. No rcl updates to questions. Hope he hasn't lost his cash
So you are 100% sure you get your vega+ in feb then so my mate shouldn't worry? No more missed deadlines?
I don't think they would have gone to all this trouble for £500k - in the grand scheme of things that's not a lot to go to jail for. It's clearly moving ahead
I was a late backer so don't expect mine before early March. Dunno. If I don't get it, I can shut their website off lol
I heard somewhere ypu had been to the factory and seen them coming off production line. Is that a rumour or real?
I was invited. Others also went to the launch party and played with them
I was invited earlier than that though purely as a thank you for rescuing the website after Andrews sabotaged it, and because I am local to the factory
Launch party is different from rolling off a production line though.
So have you not seen that?
Was it all a rumour?
No - it wasn't production line - it was seeing the process of going into production - that is the difference
I never said I had seen them being made - I said I had seen it going into production. The production process is a lot more than just rolling them out
RCL haven't said anything, but I know someone that started a project with them then cancelled it because of the same issues RCL have hinted at - emails not going through the system, notifications of messages that aren't there, etc
They look like muppets not giving truthful updates. The truth will never hurt them. Only lies will.
I'm sure they have a reason - I doubt they are liars. Probably over estimated stuff. Remember - Suzanne only last year joined as MD, but she was responsible for the original Vega campaign.
If they overestimated it then just say that! They think saying nothing is better. Amateur!
dunno - wish I'd bought the book perk now lol
If you were expecting a plumber to turn up and never got details ypu would fire them. Same for this project.
Can't see the book ever coming out. 67 orders only. Not worth writing it for that
kickstarters generally run late anyway - manufacturers, printers, distributors, etc all have to be co-ordinated
They are still taking orders so you can signup for it anyway so it is clearly not complete
for the book?
oh yeah lol
I reckon it won't come out at all
ooh- might buy it see if I'm in it lol
Only if you are wulling to lose that money withput getting a book i guess
I'm sure they will replace it with something else if they don't
So the last two comments on indiegogo - because they are backing up RCL are now mentioned on twitter
But would you go to a restaurant and order an eye fillet steak and be happy with a substituted McDonald's burger?
I doubt it would be lower value.
I've worked with hundreds of businesses over the years and you get a good instinct for the dodgy ones - I still don't get that with RCL. I did with the first vega because Andrews already had a reputation.
FEB 11TH, 7:51AM
What do you make of this legal action nonsense, is there any truth to any of it?
Which part?
He forgot to mention he lost 5 parts of the case and has costs to pay for those.
Slipped his mind
So is it true that they were trying to take his 25% share then as that was the one he won?
yes - due to several reasons. With any other judge RCL would have won. Heyho
He still hasn't explained why, as 25% shareholder he's trying to bankrupt the company and destroy the project. Surely he'd be better off sitting back and taking the money?
You can post this in your page for a laugh
Lee Fogarty So, you want to claim in court that "defendant No. 5" has threatened you with physical violence using a gun/baseball bat. Do you:-
A. Supply a recording?
B. Find witnesses?
C. Anything? Anything at all?
D. Give the court a screenshot from WoS that's a reference to Renegade made in 2011 and claim that was directly aimed at you in 2016. And leave the year of the post on the screenshot to give the judge a laugh.
I don't understand sorry, never heard of this threat.
Who threatened who?
its what's been posted on twitter with other stuff - they were saying I threatened them
but they put the twitter allegations to court as fact
The case was for 5 or 6 items - they only won 1
But you have to admit trying to steal 25% and seize control is pretty awful surely. Other 5 are all minor in comparison?
It wasn't stealing
it was a legal process.
On what grounds can you legally annul shares?
I'm not saying. It will become clear.
It seems strange that you know so much and were named personally yourself when you told me you don't work for Rcl?! Aren't you annoyed by that?
That was Andrews doing.
Why not shout it out that you don't work for them then?
Post it on the indiegogo etc
and be trolled again? no thanks
I made 1 post about a video and it caused a shitstorm
Why did it cause problems? Was it that one with no photos of production line or some other video?
Someone asked for a video of it booting so I posted a link to the blog post
There is no booting up video though right?
there is
Link pls?
It was claimed by the trolls not to be it booting because they wanted to see a copyright screen. Give me 5 mins and I'll dig out the links
Great thanks. Does it show navigating to the honour roll in the video?
Or just turning on and going into a game?
was turning it on and selecting a game. Can't find the bloody thing now - two tics
Curious to see how long it takes to load a game too!
this is feckin annoying! Can't find the update! I'll keep digging. I doubt I posted a link to nothing lol
Surely it would be on indiegogo update page or their facebook page or youtube if it existed?
What game did it show loading from powering up?
Attachment Unavailable
This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.
wrong one sorry
it doesn't show pressing the power button, but that's what it boots to
Why are there video edits all through it though? It looks like trying to hide something when it fades in and out! Not surprised this caused a fuss.
so they change it to mobile footage and got slated for that too
can't win really
Why didn't they just do one continuous shot?
was mainly to show off the menus, game selection and different games
So show it in one shot. Who made that video?
no idea
Sounds like whoever did it doesn't know what they are doing!
It's possible-they are a tiny team
Have you seen the honour roll? Is it closed?
I have no idea - have to ask RCL that one
People have and no reply of course!
Why didn't RCL get you to do their videos and other stuff not just the social media etc as it sounds like you would have done a better job than them and avoid ambiguity and unhappy backers?
I got no time for that crap - besides, I wouldn't want more abuse lol
But if you made a bootup video wouldn't you have done one continuous show, shot from power up, show honour roll and loading a game etc?
Instead of the highly suspicious video fades etc? Or are you happy with their one?
I don't think it was meant to be a boot up video - it was more to show the menus and games working
There are new videos coming next week - maybe one of those will show it?
They could have showed it by now.
1 year later seems like horse has bolted
Considering they get around 800 emails a day and most of those are abuse from Andrews crew, dealing with the rest, then an announcement doubles that, then there is counteracting Andrews sabotaging the project, contacting devs, suppliers, backers, etc, then dealing with courts and police, and on top of that making the product
800 a day? Really? That seems to be self inflicted though if your numbers are correct.
If they posted real updates then people wouldn't be emailing them and they wouldn't have to just ignore them all. Can they not understand that? Seems like you shpuld have advised them more about this!
Or were you only part time not full time work?
I don't work for them
I only host the website - Andrews dragged me into all their shit and keeps stating I'm an employee
Do you agree with me though? If they posted a decent update people wouldn't need to email
5 min update or face 800 emails. No brainer.
those emails are daily by the trolls - doesn't matter about the updates or no updates
What about all the people that say they have askes for a refund 10 times etc?
Surely trolls they can just ignore emails from those addresses if they are trolls.
I know there are major issues with indiegogo software that's been reported regularly with emails and messages
Why is there facebook page just full of 80s bands and crap? They can't be very busy if they can post that stuff all day for the past few months.
I have no idea. It looks like an automated script somewhere that does twitter too
I doubt very much with the work they are doing they are stopping to tweet crap
Who wrote the firmware, do you know?
If you are correct, RCL should have posted an update saying indiegogo software was not working. They really seem out of touch by not updating backers.
Who wrote it then?
I'm not saying who wrote it. It will be announced prior to release, but it's not being leaked due to supporters being abused. They are prepared for the abuse but RCL are keeping quiet at the moment
I know the people personally that wrote it
Why would someone get abused for writing firmware? This seems bizarre.
so you haven't seen the shit I get for the website, or anyone that's praised the project, or PQube?
Or Chris Merriman, Jon Cauldewll, Oliver twins being attacked
Never heard of pcube, I am blocked on rcl facebook so no idea sorry
this is all on twitter
I don't really use twitter
Only post like one thing a month when i have an amiga article for my site
police have 20,000 screenshots of abuse from andrews, george, family, etc
20k, how long did that take to screenshot?
you'd be amazed how quickly that can be done lol
David Levy and the money chris and paul owe - how much do they owe? Is this just small fries like a few hundred pounds?
Cause a few hundred is surely nothing when they took in 500k
No idea, but I doubt very much they would go through that for a few hundred
Wonder why they still won't give a shipping date?
Not before feb 20 is all they have said. Frustrating to have no real update again.
I have no idea - I am hearing all good things from them though. Maybe it's sending them out from 20th? Again - only they know
They seem to specialise in being vague. '500 will ship on feb 21' would be useful.
'Here is photo of the box' would be useful.
'Here is final honour roll' wpuld be useful.
They seem so damn vague bout everything!
I know there's more updates coming - whether there will be any over the weekend or not is unsure, but certainly over the next 10 days
Hpw do you know this btw?
And why aren't they posting this in the updates/facebook?
I spoke to them when they released the statement because the original named me rather than "defendant no.5"
Why not post for all to see?
And an update saying "there will be updates" is vague too
Just post the update then.
I seriously think they re out of touch with reality!
A few of them are videos, some will probably depend on 3rd parties, etc
Updates to say an update is coming! Qwtf?
Is there anyrhing stopping you contacting rcl asking for a few thousand or whatever to br employed the next few weeks, get honour roll upfate, video at the factory, video of boxing up units, basically restorr faith in project? Sounds like they would listen to you.
Take over the stuff they seem incompetent at basically.
Free them up for whatever they have to do the next few weeks
I've got my own work to do!
What a shame!
I'm not sure the factory would be please with someone rolling up to record their movements either lol - booked events yeah - but would you want to be videoed working?
Then you'd have to remove faces to avoid the abuse they'd get on twitter
Just get people to stand out of the way and video the whole thing. Unit being switched on, menu screen, navigating to honour roll, loading a game etc - with no cuts. Video of the box being assembled etc.
FEB 11TH, 12:07PM
BTW have you read the comments on the Indiegogo? I'm sure RCL were thinking update 37 will shut them up, but like me, everyone is saying the date is vague, there's no photos of the box, stacks of finished units - why are you so glowingly positive about this company when practically everyone on the Indiegogo is absolutely disgusted by their communication? What's in this for you that makes you so positive about them when they seem so dishonest?
Because I've been on the receiving end of Andrews venom
And I saw the court docs because I was named in them by him
What's Andrews got to do with the vague update 37?
You asked why I trust RCL
You have a beef with Andrews - fine. That doesn't make RCL angels - they appear to be incompetant.
After the 20th of Feb...
to others yes - there's a lot they can't say - the courts aren't done yet.
Court or no court, they could say "we're posting 500 on Feb 21" or April 2017 etc. They are always so vague.
And I really don't understand why you think that's so honourable.
because it depends on 3rd parties
What crap!
If that's the truth then Feb 20 cannot possibly be the shipping date right?
If it depends on the court so they can't post a picture/video
they aren't making them, or delivering next batch of plastics, or printing the boxes, or sending them to sms - so many outside resources that give different timescales
Utter bollocks
So why not post that? They are incompetant.
They don't understand business clearly.
they do and very well
Fuck your customers off = fast way to go bankrupt
they aren't bankrupt
You read the indiegogo comments today
and when you look at indiegogo, a very tiny percentage are vocal and most of those are ex members
Why don't you reply on there again? You have nothing to do with the court case right?
because I got enough abuse last time
I disagree. Look how many today have asked fora refund, lost count of email requests for refunds etc
Do you regret making up Nick Roper now then?
Is he going to appear on the honour roll?
I didn't make him up and that's a disgusting allegation
yes he is
Cause it's a slap in the face of all backers if he is there!
Why would a dead person want to back the campaign so much?
And why would you tell his family that people are slagging him off in his grave?
it's a bigger slap in the face of his daughter if he's not after I told her he was
She probably doesn't know what a Spectrum is!
so she looked out of interest at the campaign and saw her dads name dragged through their shit
Did Nick Roper back lots of other campaigns from the grave or just the Vega+?
no she didn't - but she knew her dad was a big fan and wanted to know more about him because he died when she was a baby. I'm not discussing thing - its nothing to do with anyone
Sorry mate, that sounds utter crap.
He died when she was a baby, so presumably at least 10-20 years ago
And he still wants to back the Vega+? Did he put that in his will or something?
20 year prediction that the Vega+ would come out? You must be joking right?
fuck off - you are trying to goad me now. I did it in his memory not because he fucking asked me, and it was a present for his daughter
20 years ago he died - you are taking the mickey right?
wtf are you on about?
you said nick died when she was a baby right
she wouldn't understand anything unless she was at least 10-20 years old now
so Nick Roper must have wanted to invest 10-20 yeras ago
he didn't - I did it in his name
as a present for her
Unless you say otherwise, I assume Nick died at least 10 years ago.
More likely closer to 20...
So why didn't you just sign her up, and make no comments?
Not tell her, present her with the honour roll when it was finished?
Why on earth would you post as Nick, then tell her that people are dragging her dead dad's name through the mud? It is bizarre
Beause I did it in her dads name. Do you have any idea how many on the roll are dedicated to other people?
1 by the sound of things.
I made the post, realised it was the wrong name and changed it within minutes. the trolls captured it
Seen by Lee Fogarty at February 11th, 12:26pm
Why was Nick's daughter reading the comments section on Indiegogo though? She just happened to be scrolling through pages of them and sees her dad's name?
You can surely see that this seems absolutely crazy.
Surely Indiegogo shows who you are posting as so you could tell it's as Nick Roper etc
FEB 12TH, 1:16PM
Have you seen the latest posts about the next revelation on the RCL Vega+ rollercoaster? There's some good ideas in there you can pass on to your co-workers for why the February deadline won't be met in an upcoming update.
No book update mentioned of course, because as we know, it doesn't and won't exist!

Latest Funky Spectrum RCL Videos

Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

Vega+ Status

  • All refunds processed:
  • Roll of honour email:
  • Address confirmation:
  • Battery specification:
  • PEGI certification:
  • Final specs released:
  • Games list released:
  • Finished box design:
  • Manual released:
  • Working website:
  • Final devices made: 0
  • Small claims victories: 0
  • Prototypes made: ~100-200